"Thank-you for the great software! It makes learning chinese an awesome experience."
—Robin Yeh

"Thanks for a great program; Clavis Sinica is really helping me keep my language skills up-to-date. I really appreciate the fact that it runs relatively painlessly on my Mac."

"I have been using the program for about 5 months now and I have moved from knowing a little over 2,000 characters to consistently scoring 3,000 or more on your on-line character test. More importantly I have finally moved from reading intermediate texts to on-line news I find on the WWW. Your program has turned out to be an amazing aid. I am now a huge fan!"
—Brent Nelson

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Chinese Dictionary for Palm

Character Search

Chinese character The Character Search feature allows you to:
  • Look up Chinese characters by pinyin, English equivalent, or handwritten input
  • Display pinyin, English meaning, usage frequency, and stroke order for any character
  • Display common compound words using a character on the character's information screen
  • Access extensive list of other compounds using a given character

Compound Search

Compounds The Compound Search feature allows you to:
  • Look up Chinese compound words by pinyin or English equivalent
  • Display pinyin and English meaning for any compound word
  • Touch any character in any compound word to view its character information and associated compounds
  • Explore relationships among related words

English Search

Flash Cards The English search feature allows you to:
  • Find Chinese equivalents for English words and phrases
  • Display Chinese characters and words matching an English search term
  • Display all definitions containing the search term--not just exact matches
  • Touch any character on the results screen to display its character information and associated compounds

Handwritten Character Input

Flash Cards The handwritten character input feature allows you to:
  • Look up unknown Chinese characters from a book, newspaper, or street sign
  • Use wildcard matching for complex characters
  • Find a character using just the first several strokes and the approximate stroke count, even if you don't know the complete stroke order
  • Select the desired character from a list of possible matches

Usage Notes

  • The program will work on most Palm PDA devices and Treo Smartphones. To test whether the program will work on your device, download a free trial copy of the Clavis Flashcards for Palm.
  • The program requires that WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (JVM) be installed on the Palm device. The JVM can be downloaded here.
  • The handwriting recognition system is based not on character shape, but on stroke order and number. Strokes must be entered in the correct order for a character to be recognized.
  • To use the wildcard feature when drawing a character, enter the first several strokes and then draw a circle next to them. Enter the number of additional strokes at the prompt below, either as a single number or as a range (eg 2 or 3-5).