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Stepping Stones Lesson Three

Three in the Morning, Four at Night

The third lesson in the Stepping Stones series uses another short, simple narrative about a Daoist priest who takes care of several monkeys and has to decide how many chestnuts to feed them. It introduces twenty six more commonly used characters.

朝 三 暮 四

有 一 个 道 士
养 了几 只 猴 子,
猴 子 每 天 要 吃 很 多 食 物。

道 士 对 猴 子 说:
“以 后 每 天 早 上
每 只 猴 子
给 三 个 栗 子,

”猴 子 听 了 很 生 气,
于 是 道 士 说:
“那 就 每 天 早 上
给 四 个 栗 子,
晚 上 给 三 个 栗 子。”

猴 子 一 听
早 上 多 了 一 个 栗 子
就 高 兴 了。

To study this lesson, just follow the seven numbered steps in the Study Guide below. Click on the link for each step to find everything you'll need.

Study Guide:

1. Audio immersion - Familiarize yourself with the sound of the story

2. Audio practice - Learn to recite the story, one line at a time

3. Vocabulary study - Learn the sound and meaning of each character and how it is written

4. Vocabulary review - Test yourself on the characters you've learned

6. Reading practice - Read the story in Chinese (you can do this!)

7. Exercises - Apply what you've learned

Once you have completed all of these steps and you can read the story comfortably, you are ready to go on to Lesson 4.