"Your software is by far the greatest Chinese learning tool I've seen, and I am so grateful to you for making available at a reasonable price to the general public."
—Peter Hammond

"I've been using Clavis Sinica for almost a year and it has really helped improve my reading and vocabulary. Just the discipline of reading the China News Digest summaries for 15-20 minutes a day has taken my Chinese to the next level. Thanks for making this available."

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Chinese Radical Test Applet

The Chinese Radical Test uses a statistical algorithm to help you estimate the number of radicals you already know, making it easy to track your progress in learning these crucial character elements.

If the Radical Test applet does not appear in the space above, your browser may not have the proper version of Java Plug-in installed. If you have not yet downloaded the plug-in, you can download it for free by clicking here.

Improving Your Score

  • Drill yourself on small sets of radicals using the Chinese Flashcards tool on this website.
  • Study the structure of the characters you already know using the character analysis features of the Clavis Sinica software.
  • As you are learning each new radical, look over the list of characters using that radical in Clavis Sinica. Often the characters using a given radical have meanings related to that radical.