"I received my copy of Clavis Sinica already, and after looking at it must say that it is as good as I hoped: a very useful piece of software at a very affordable price. Thank you again for your quick service and this fine learning tool."
—Paul Fendos

"The more I use the program the more I enjoy it. I've found I can be fast enough with the compound look up while listening to KAZN to actually follow close behind and my listening ability has just leaped ahead."
—Frank Lauran

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Radical Information Window

The left side of this window displays a definition and etymological note for any given radical, along with stroke count, xinhua and kangxi radical index numbers, character count, and a cross reference to alternative forms of the radical, if any. The right side provides a scrollable list, in frequency order, of all characters based on this radical. You can double-click on any character in this list to bring up the Character Information Window for that character, or right-click to hear its pronunciation.

You can also improve your knowledge of the Chinese radicals by using the free Chinese Flashcards tool on this website.

When learning a new character, like gan or si in the above list , it is also very helpful to have some examples of the compound words it forms. The Compound Window provides a list of the most common words and phrases in which a particular character is used.