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Red Leaves in the Western Hills (1.1 / 257)
Joanna Hsu
    Come autumn, a favorite retreat of Beijingers is the nearby mountain range of the Western Hills. At some of the more popular sites, though, the visitors can seem to outnumber the leaves.


Visas and Vodka (1.1 / 505)
Joanna Hsu
    Beijng's Chaoyang district is known for its glittering highrises, glamorous shops, and ritzy cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is also home to a remarkable concentration of embassies and bars, all of which serve, in their own ways, the noble cause of cross-cultural understanding!


An October Visit to Tiananmen Square (1.1 / 327)
Joanna Hsu
     Even when the weather is bad, visitors to Beijing's central plaza enjoy a festive atmosphere.


Beijing's Hutongs (1.2 / 337)
Joanna Hsu
     Beijing's old neighborhoods have lots of stories to tell, and make an inviting destination for a visitor with a few hours and a bicycle.


Not Your Geography Teacher's Yangtze River (1.4 / 404)
Joanna Hsu
     At 3900 miles, the Yangtze River(Changjiang) is still the longest river in Asia. A recent television series documents its transformation over the past 20 years and brings its historical significance to life.


Walking in the Snow (2.3 / 292)
Alice Yue
     After the first snowfall of the year in Beijing, the author takes a walk in Yiheyuan with a close friend.


The Sound of the Doves (2.4 / 440)
Alice Yue
     Once a familiar sound in the skies of old Beijing neighborhoods, the distinctive whistling of homing pigeons in flight is rarely heard now, but it remains richly evocative for those who still remember life in the hutongs.