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Cell Phones in the Classroom (1.0 / 488)
Joanna Hsu
    Chinese parents buy their kids cell phones for safety and convenience. But teachers find them a serious distraction, and some schools are banning them outright.


I Love China (1.1 / 376)
Joanna Hsu
     With the help of the internet, a new patriotic movement has arisen in China in response to recent unrest in Tibet and what are widely perceived as attempts to sabotage the Beijing Olympic games.


Text Messages for Women's Day (1.1 / 364)
Joanna Hsu
     Like many holidays, International Women's Day in Beijing is marked by the exchange of cell phone text messages among friends. Some are funny, others provocative; all raise questions about the status of women in China today.


Any Time is Game Time (1.3 / 291)
Emily Fang
    Hand-held computer games are all the rage in Beijing. Guys of all ages play them on the subway, waiting in lines, even on dates with their girlfriends.


Lao Wai and their Chinese Blogs (1.4 / 624)
Joanna Hsu
     Chinese netizens no longer need to learn English to get to know their overseas counterparts, as there are an increasing number of Chinese blogs written by foreigners on the web.


Caught in the Web (1.5 / 481)
Lynn Long
     Internet addiction among the young is becoming a major social issue in Chinese cities, as students retreat to the world of online games as a refuge from the pressures of school and family.


Celebrity Blogs (1.5 / 304)
Chun Juan
     One of the most popular celebrity bloggers in China is actress Xu Jingle, whose site has received over 10 million visits. A fascination with the private lives of stars - and increasingly of ordinary people as well - has contributed to the recent explosion in internet use among the Chinese.


The Panda Virus Strikes (1.5 / 397)
Joanna Hsu
     Computer users thought the cartoon pandas appearing on their desktops were just a cute joke--until they discovered that their files were being erased and their passwords stolen.


Blogging in Beijing (1.6 / 318)
Yang Qiong
     Blogging has taken off in China, and as elsewhere, newly formed networks of readers and writers make the world feel like a much smaller place.