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The Growing Pains of China's Universities (1.2 / 260)
Chun Juan
    Much is made these days of the rapid development of China's premier universities. Some students, however, have their doubts.


Tutoring for the College Entrance Exam (1.3 / 317)
Chun Juan
     Much of a middle-class Beijing kid's life these days is devoted to preparing, in one way or another, for the national college entrance exam, often with the help of private tutors.


Textbooks: An Unaffordable Luxury (1.3 / 277)
Chun Juan
     Given that the average textbook costs the equivalent of a full week's living expenses, it's no surprise that many university students avail themselves of local photocopy shops instead.


Salary Woes at China's Top University (1.3 / 387)
Chun Juan
    Although Beida faculty make a lot more than they did in the days when intellectuals were labelled as the "stinking ninth category," a Professor's blog entry has called renewed attention to the continued under-funding of education at every level in China.


Reclaiming the Mother Tongue (1.4 / 326)
Chun Juan
     Chinese children are doing fine in English, but their Chinese is going to pot. Does it really matter?


Lights Out Time at Beida (1.6 / 316)
Ye Xiaojun
     At Peking University, lights go off at midnight to save energy, but students don't necessarily sleep.


Sea Turtles and Kelp (1.6 / 521)
Alice Yue
     Chinese students returning home after studying abroad are finding it more difficult than it once was to leverage their overseas training into a well-paying job.