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Chinese Voices Project: Foreign Affairs

The Visitor (1.0 / 446)
Joanna Hsu
    Language exchanges with strangers can prove useful and interesting, but sometimes it's not clear what the real motive may be..


The US Election in Chinese Eyes (1.1 / 515)
Joanna Hsu
     The narrowing races in the Democratic and Republican primaries have riveted the attention of young Chinese, who have plenty to say about the candidates in spite of not having a vote.


Roast Duck and Pancakes (1.3 / 430)
Emily Fang
     The names of these two Beijing culinary specialties have taken on new meanings among foreigners and Chinese in recent years, as a shorthand for distinguishing who's hot and who's not on an increasingly public dating scene.


Hillary for President! (1.3 / 234)
Joanna Hsu
    The former First Lady's bid for the US Presidency is generating a lot of interest in a country where, as in the US, gender discrimination is a major social issue.


The Banana Man (1.3 / 331)
Emily Fang
     When American-born Chinese go to China, they're referred to as bananas--white on the inside, yellow on the outside. They get a lot of curious glances and, occasionally, some unexpected treatment.


Lao Wai and their Chinese Blogs (1.4 / 624)
Joanna Hsu
    Chinese netizens no longer need to learn English to get to know their overseas counterparts, as there are an increasing number of Chinese blogs written by foreigners on the web.


Doing Business in Beijing (1.4 / 512)
Emily Fang
    Setting up a new business is always hard work, but for a foreigner in China the challenges are multiplied. The opportunities and lifestyle advantages seem to outweigh the costs, however, as the foreigners keep on coming.


Aliens in the Olympic Village (1.4 / 290)
Joanna Hsu
     Some say it looks like a bird's nest, but when it first rose from a dusty field in northern Beijing, the new Olympic stadium could have easily been mistaken for an extraterrestrial's pied-aà-terre.


Crisis in Tibet (1.5 / 496)
Lynn Long
    Major protests in Tibet have turned all eyes to the top of the world in advance of the summer olympics in Beijing. Can Chinese and foreign views of the situation be reconciled?


Visa Headaches in Beijing (1.5 / 410)
Emily Fang
    Beijing is tightening the rules for foreigners applying for work visas, making life more complicated both for workers and their employers. Politics, as usual, are one part of the problem.


A Foreigner's Fresh Start (1.5 / 542)
Alice Yue
     'Frugal' would be the last word to come to mind in describing the lifestyle of a typical expat in the booming Central Business District of Beijing. There are foreigners, though, who break the mold and for reasons that might surprise you.


Boycott France (1.6 / 576)
Lynn Long
     Recent events in France in the wake of the Tibet unrest have led for calls for a boycott of French goods in China and demonstrations in front of Carrefour department stores. Many Chinese, however, reject such tactics, and urge a more open-minded consideration of the issues.