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Chinese Voices Project: Work and Money

The Slacker (1.0 / 352)
Joanna Hsu
     What can you do about a colleague who refuses to carry his share of the work? Not much, if he happens to be your boss.


I Want to be a Millionaire (1.0 / 336)
Joanna Hsu
     Ordinary Chinese are striking it rich in the booming stock market, encouraging more and more people to play the game.


The Promise and Perils of Seniority (1.0 / 498)
Joanna Hsu
     A new law in China promises job security to workers who have been at one job for ten or more years. Many companies, however, prefer younger workers, and are coming up with the usual strategems to evade the rule.


The Ideal Job (1.1 / 346)
Joanna Hsu
     In an environment like today's China, it's easy to forget that the best job is not always the one that pays the most money.


Earning a Bonus Just for Staying Put (1.1 / 382)
Joanna Hsu
     To counter the tendency of younger employees to jump ship for better jobs at the beginning of the year, some employers have taken to deferring the payment of "year-end" bonuses until well into the new year, after the job-search season has passed.


The Ungrateful Boss (1.3 / 516)
Joanna Hsu
     If you're not appreciated at the office, there's little point in sticking around.