"Thank-you for the great software! It makes learning Chinese an awesome experience."
—Robin Yeh

"Thanks for a great program; Clavis Sinica is really helping me keep my language skills up-to-date. I really appreciate the fact that it runs relatively painlessly on my Mac."

"Your software is by far the greatest Chinese learning tool I've seen, and I am so grateful to you for making available at a reasonable price to the general public."
—Peter Hammond

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Mac OSX Screen Shot

Clavis Sinica is now available for Mac OS X (version 10.2.3 or later). Although the look and feel of the program are, of course, somewhat different, the functionality is identical with the Windows version. Here is a full-size sample view of several of the program windows as seen on a Mac.

For further details about the features of Clavis Sinica, please visit the Product Information page or the list of Frequently Asked Questions. For any questions not answered on these pages, please contact info@clavisinica.com.