"I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful program. I've found it immensely useful so far. I especially like how easy it is to copy and paste text from the internet directly into the reader. I also like the audio and the ability to convert between traditional and simplified. Keep up the good work! Great program!"
—1. Scott Anderson

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Shared Root Information Windows

The Shared Phonetic Window (upper-right) lists all characters that use the same additional root, or phonetic, as the selected character. The Character as Part Window (lower-right) displays all characters that are built using the selected character as a structural component. All of the characters listed in these windows are clickable, providing access to the corresponding Character Information Window or the sound of the character.

Sometimes you may wish to look up a character that is not shown in the current Text Reader Window. Clavis Sinica provides a full suite of Dictionary Search Functions which allow you to use the program as a powerful Chinese-English or English-Chinese dictionary.